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Welcome to the How to Vote information page.  Our voting system ensures that all voters cast their ballots using a system that is accurate, secure, easy to use and meets the requirements of the Help America Vote Act.   That means people with disabilities can vote privately and independently and all voters have the chance to review their ballots a second time and make any changes necessary to ensure their votes are cast correctly.

Please take a moment to read and learn more about our new voting system on this website.  We want to make sure you come to the polls each election feeling confident and capable of casting your vote.

We hope to see you at this and every election!

What is eSlate®?
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Using the eSlate is easy!  Watch or listen to a short video of how to vote using the eSlate.  The video requires a Windows media Player of simliar and is best accessed if you have a high-speed network connection.

    How to Vote Using the eSlate in English

Welcome to the eSlate presentation.  This presentation requires MicroSoft Powerpoint or a Powerpoint Viewer to download.

    How to Vote PowerPoint Presentation

Download Detailed Voter Instructions